Attendance at National Parade,  28/10/2016

    The utility of the mobility through Erasmus+ Program discovered together 35 Youth Workers from 8 European countries (Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia) during the Erasmus+ KA1 Training Course ‘Meet the Utility Of ERASMOBILITY’ in Megara, Greece. On 22-30 October 2016 European citizens active in youth-fiend coexisted in a multicultural environment and united their motivation, ideas and skills to empower the European youth-working society.
The idea of this project was inspired by the suspended implementation of Erasmus+ programs in Greece which settled on hold the updating and development of greek youth-working initiatives. For 9 days the participants experienced the opportunity to penetrate in Erasmus+ World and its benefits, both theoretically and practically. By working collaboratively, exchanged good-practices in youth-field and broadened their cognitive horizons. Special benchmark of the activity was the study-visit at the Headquarter of ‘European Commision Delegation’ in Greece at Syntagma, where seated  at the decision-makers’ seats (eg. MEPs) had the chance to put themselves in their shoes and comprehend the importance of the Structured Dialogue (KA3 Erasmus+) in a purely European decision-making area. The youth initiative making was empowered notably by the Success Stories that Start-Upers shared with them. Equipped with knowledge and skills, had the opportunity to act as European youth workers, created videos for the opportunities of Erasmus+ and turned their ideas into reality by drawing their own projects.
Living and being trained in a greek city, the participants had the chance to experience the greek culture and customs. By taking part in the National Parade of the Anniversary of ‘Ohi’ on 28 October experienced the celebrating palm of this Memorial Day. Also, by creating a ‘digital mosaic’ supported the nomination and distinction of Eleusis city as the ‘European Capital of Culture for 2021′.
The followed training methodology was based in Non-Formal Education and its tools: learning to participate, peer learning, intercultural dialogue, study-visits, role-playing, working groups, ice-breakers, energizers
The objectives of the project were directly linked with the priorities of KA1, as through participants’ involvement in Erasmus+ practices; the active participation and youth mobility in Europe were served and promoted. Specifically:

  • Youth workers and trainers of new generation were supported
  • Contributed to the identification of Non-Formal Education through its tools (learning to participate, peer learning, intercultural dialogue etc)
  • Focused on the learner, his needs, expectations, respect of diversity, promoting equal educational opportunities
  • Strengthened the professional profile. Development of skills and abilities. Sharing good practices
  • Motivation for active participation and taking initiatives in local, national and international level. Support and development of youth working in Greece
  • Support of youth organizations, their intersectoral cooperation and role as multipliers

      Upon completion of the activities, the participants had:
* Strengthened their profile as informed, capable and motivated youth workers, with developed skills both personally (critical thinking, creativity, taking initiatives) and socially (team spirit, cooperativeness, solidarity, respect of diversity)youthpass
* Co-created promotional Erasmus+ video and draw collaboratively new Erasmus+ project that reflect the collaboration of people from different countries with different perspectives, habits and concerns
* Come in contact with different cultures and local and national lifestyle
* Been awarded with european certification Youthpass and strengthened their CVs
Participants’ intercultural communication with each other; and also with the local community; contributed to the development of social consciousness and active participation in commons. With starting point the small ‘community’ of ERASMOBILITY, and by being aware and motivated, involved youth workers infuse the gained knowledge into the initiatives and actions of their organizations. Acting as multipliers they motivate more young people to participate actively and take beneficial initiatives for their eu_youthsocieties. In this way organizations; enriched with youth workers and citizens with enhanced European awareness; contribute to the transmutation of their societies into societies of European identity and consciousness. Thus is being served the development of a motivated and efficiently cooperative youth-working network, ready to spread widely the European idea and entity.


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